Sustainable Strategies and Technologies for Flood Risk Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas

News from the HoWaMan project

Interview partners for study about adaption behavior wanted by WP3


We are entering the next phase: we have developed a theory-based guideline questionnaire, which aims to create the basis for a quantitative survey, which in turn will generate data for the simulation of the adaptation behaviour of the inhabitants of the Kan basin to flood hazards.

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Kick-off meeting with the “Center of Excellence for Risk Management and Natural Hazards” from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) by IWW


We are very happy to announce that on 25 August 2021, our digital kick-off meeting took place for the cooperation with our partners of the Center of Excellence for Risk Management and Natural Hazards from the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). The participants of the meeting were not only the German project partners and members of the Center of Excellence for Risk Management and Natural Hazards, but also a number of graduate students of related faculties in IUT.

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German-Iran Exchange Forum – Capacity Building Webinar by WP4


Public institutions are generally responsible for flood protection. The basis for sound flood risk management (FRM) are, next to the implementation of structural measures, clearly defined distribution of tasks and coordination between responsible institutions, especially in case of a flood event.

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Last updated on 15.01.2021